Apr 012013

For a while I’ve been having a problem with Google Chrome. One of the recent updates disabled and prevented Norton Identify Protection from running within Chrome. The biggest problem here is that I’ve taken to using http://grc.com/passwords to generate 12-24 length, completely random passwords… and then storing it in Norton Internet Protection. So if I want to browse any place that I have an account (using Chrome), I now have to load MSIE, open the Password Vault, then find the password (manually search), then pull the password & username and populate it in the Chrome browser window.

Let me tell you, that was highly annoying.

So I swapped back to MSIE until I figured out the solution.

Solution #1

  1. Norton Toolbar will be loaded only when you visit/navigate/open any webpage e.g.. Browse to www.google.com/gmail.com and check toolbar appears with little green icon at right top corner or not.
  2. Type ” chrome://extensions/ ” in address bar and check Norton Identity Protection “enabled” with tickmark, If it was disabled click on check box with tick mark
  3. If you still face the problem, open chrome://extensions/ click on remove for Norton Identity Protection
  4. Follow below steps to add Norton Identity Protection plugin into chrome

If that does work (and it didn’t for me), Solution #2

  1. Open N360 V6 engine folder ( e.g.C:\Program Files\Norton360\Engine\) X is the product version.
  2. Go to “exts” folder and copy the chrome.crx file to any other location
  3. Open that file with WinRAR or 7Zip and extract all the contents to any folder.
  4. Open Chrome and type chrome://settings/extensions in address bar
  5. Select “Developer mode” using check mark and click on “load unpacked extension”
  6. Browse to the folder where you have extracted all the contents and Click OK
  7. Now you will have Norton identity protection in chrome.

Then I had the problem where Chrome kept telling me that the manifest_version wasn’t set to 2 in the manifest.json. So I went and opened the manifest.json and, sure enough, there was no manifest_version key within the json file. Another Google Search and voila— Simple as adding manifest_version : 2, to the manifest.json file of the Norton Internet Security Chrome Extension.



This process did not fix the issue I was having. It turns out that the root cause of the problem was that Chrome would not update the Norton Internet Protection extension. It was still using the 2012 version and even after upgrading to the 2013 extension it wouldn’t remember it between shutdown-restarts of Chrome (let alone the OS).

I ended up engage Norton Internet Security support. The level 1 support tech spent 3 hours doing the following (at no time did I sign into Chrome with my google profile to force synchronization, not that this worked anyway):

  • Removing the Norton Identity Protection (NIP) 2012 extension, closing Chrome, restarting Chrome. NIP 2012 extension still installed.
  • Removing NIP 2012 extension, installing the NIP 2013 extension (dragging the chrome.crx from the %programfiles(x86)%\norton internet security\engine\(version)\exts folder into the extensions window in Chrome), verifying that NIP 2013 was installed (but not working), closing Chrome, restarting Chrome. NIP 2012 extension still installed.
  • Uninstalling Google Chrome via Add/Remove Programs (start > run > appwiz.cpl). Reinstalling Chrome via google.com.
    • And here is where something magical happened in the troubleshooting process– I noticed that not only did Chrome (post re-install) still have NIP 2012 extension installed, but it also had every other Chrome extension installed… and I hadn’t signed into Chrome with my Google profile… so no extensions should have been installed.
  • Repeating the above several times expecting different results than were obtained the first time.
  • Ending the call with a promise that the level 2 support tech would call back within 48 hours.

I had planned to google (do you see the funny?) how to purge the Chrome profile from my PC and then try relaunching Chrome, but I hadn’t gotten around to it before the level 2 support tech called. (I’m getting along fine in MSIE, just like I have for years.) The level 2 support tech called this morning and within 45 minutes we’d found the solution for my problem:

  • Google location of Chrome profile [Superuser article] (using MSIE)
  • Close Google Chrome
  • Browse to %localappdata%\google\chrome\user data\
  • Zip all files in profile
  • Delete all files (except the backup zip)
  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Verify NIP 2012 not installed.
  • Install NIP 2013 extension (see above)
  • Close & reopen Chrome to verify problem fixed

I have to set up Chrome again (mostly) from scratch, but Google helps by pulling down my Google profile to the Chrome installation (bookmarks, extensions, etc.) which saves me a ton of time.