Apr 092013

While I have been tempted, from time to time, to go back to school and obtain a degree… my previous academic experience always prevents me from doing so.

This is why I stopped going to college. (This is not me, but it’s a similar experience to mine.)

I got into an argument with a teacher about the content of a class. The presented information was wrong and I could point to a real world source for information. The instructor was more concerned about “blatant disregard for authority” than accuracy of the course material.

When I had a discussion with the Dean of Education (or whatever the title was, it was a while ago) they said “if the instructor says the war of 1812 happened in 1813, then you are expected to answer 1813 on all tests.”

Reality doesn’t matter in school. So I didn’t see a reason to continue. =(

PS, by the time I had this experience in college, I was mature enough to know not to contradict the instructor in front of the class… but even privately they weren’t interested in being corrected “by a student.”