Apr 272013

Doing some housecleaning on my harddrive and as I was going through files that I’ve never accessed nor updated, I came across this ancient visio diagram. I received the Visio stencils from an awesome sales person at Shared Technologies Fairchild¬†(back during the Intermedia days) and used them regularly to produce high-quality documentation for big customers.

I don’t mind posting this because I happen to know that the customer for whom this was produced has forklifted their Nortel system in favor of another phone system manufacturer. They were a customer of my current employer back when I started 5 years ago, and they were in the process of migrating away from Nortel at that time.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, looking back. When I was working with that customer 12 years ago they canned their telecom manager who knew something about the Nortel systems (for reasons I never fully understood) and hired this guy who knew absolutely nothing about Nortel systems. He was aggressively ignorant and self absorbed. After more than a month listening to him complain endlessly about how he thought the Nortel system was a piece of garbage, I took him out to lunch and asked him a simple question. After which, he never complained to me again… but I had no doubt that he agitated to remove the system from his start date until he left. (He is no longer there.)

I think it was the following year we upgraded this system from a 61C to an 81C, pulled out the Meridian Mail and put in a Callpilot (as Callpilot-Symposium integration got better), added a Telstrat IDVR. I was pretty proud of all the technology that was there and how much I learned in the short amount of time I worked with this customer.