May 062013

Ever have a massive block of D-Channel (DCH) traces that you need to parse into something meaningful? I do. In fact, for a couple of customers it’s become a regular occurrence the last few months. So, in an effort to make life easier for myself I wrote a nifty little parse utility then converted it to a PHP/HTML page.

My web hosting company has some hard limits– like you can’t use more than 30 seconds of CPU time without a script being killed… so super-long parse logs is out of the question. (They’ll simply get killed by the web host.)

Also, to ensure that it doesn’t get hammered, I wrote into the code a lock so that only one-person can access it at the same time. There isn’t yet an ability to IP Ban, but that will get added– so that if anyone hammers this I can block them from being able to use it.

So, a few etiquette requests:

  • be gentle– keep log sizes under 10k lines and don’t hammer it over and over.
  • If you see a warning that someone else is using it, come back in 30-seconds to 5-minutes.
  • If you’d like something like this, but don’t want to be limited by the freeware constraints, contact me and we can negotiate something.