Aug 022013

This morning was an interesting chain of events:

  • Contacted by a coworker who was wanting to use one of the parser tools I’ve put up (, but said my website was down.
  • Investigated and confirmed.
  • Attempted to access the host provider (, website did no resolve DNS, or ping, or return a webpage.
  • Looked up phone number from old email (hosting plan renewal notification). Called. Line connects to silence. After extended silence, the line rings 4 times, then goes silent again. After a bit more silence the call is disconnected. Retested several times, always the same results.
  • Googled
  • Found said that the site is really down. Comments on site indicate that this is one of many outages this last week.
  • Checked twitter found multiple people complaining about hostmonster and affiliate outages
  • Checked @hostmonster and @hostmonsterhelp, no updates

Site is up right now, but I expect it to not be stable.