Jan 152013

Seven Devils has been showing up in one of the latest Beautiful Creatures (Movie) Trailers. The music is an excellent choice for that trailer in my opinion.

Nov 262012


Any Video Converter, when converting any video with sound, causes the resulting compressed video to play once with sound and then a second time (in the same video file) without sound. The second playthrough is identical to the first, essentially doubling the video length and file size.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Fraps video (AVI)
  2. Combine multiple segments into a single segment using Windows MovieMaker 7, add a sound track, save resulting video (WMV)
  3. Compress video (WMV) in preparation for upload to Youtube, set “Disable Audio” to No to include soundtrack from WMV into resulting MP4. Convert.
  4. Upload MP4 to Youtube.

The diagnostic process shows:

  • The AVI is segmented, each segment only plays once. Sound is recorded in the Fraps video if Fraps is configured to have sound.
  • WMV plays only once. Sound plays in WMV if the AVI had sound included, or if sound was added with Windows MovieMaker.
  • MP4 plays twice when “Disable Audio” is set to No. Second play-through has no audio.
  • Youtube video duplicates MP4 experience, no surprise there.


  • Output Profile: Video => Customized MP4 Movie
  • Item Name: Auto
  • Output Duration (Group): All left at Default
  • Video Options (Group)
    • Video codec: x264
    • Frame size: original
    • Video bitrate: 10000
    • Video framerate: 30
    • Encode pass: 1
  • Audio Options (Group)
    • Audio codec: AAC
    • Audio bitrate: 128
    • Sample rate: 44100
    • Audio channel: 2
    • Disable audio: No
    • A/V sync: Basic

If Disable Audio is set to Yes, the bug does not occur. (You get a single playthrough of the video, but no sound.)

Expected behavior:

Disable Audio set to No should leave audio intact. Video playthrough should occur once per file (barring auto-repeat settings on the player.)

Actual Behavior:

Disable Audio set to Yes works as expected, but Disable Audio No causes the expected video to be followed by a copy of the same video without sound (within a single compressed file.)

Jul 152012

I turned off iTunes Match, then turned it back on (got a warning that this would “replace the music library on this device”, I hit “enable”).

via Greyed out songs and empty playlists on…: Apple Support Communities.

Had this problem today when syncing my new iPod Classic. Playlists had grayed out songs that wouldn’t play. Quick Google search turned up a few articles, this is the article that was helpful.

Jul 152012

Went to the Apple store today and replaced my iPod Classic. The battery was dying. I regularly rail about how stupid the Apply battery replacement design is (i.e., you can’t replace the battery without taking it in for repair, or voiding the warranty by doing it yourself), but in this case the policy paid off. I’ve had my iPod Classic for at least 7-8 years, and when the battery started to die I went in to the store expecting only that they would replace the battery. But, they didn’t carry the battery anymore, so they instead replaced the entire unit for the cost of the battery replacement.

Bye Be iPod Classic 80GB

Hello iPod Classic 160GB

Only 63$

I still think it’s a stupid policy, but I have to give credit when it is due.