The following scripts are provided to simplify repetitive tasks associated with telecom management, installation and service tasks. Scripts available for download are provided free of charge. All scripts provided require Procomm Plus™ 4.8. Except where specifically provided, source code is not available for public distribution. Please do not request it

note! Symantec has discontinued support of Procomm Plus and there are known issues with the operation of Procomm Plus on Windows XP and known installation issues with Procomm Plus on Windows Vista. If someone knows of a robust terminal emulator replacement for Procomm Plus that has a scripting language I would be interested in an email about it.  (meridianATdataraveDOTnet)

Bug Reporting

If you would like to report bugs, please visit and register at my BugTracker portal.

Available Script Projects


Compiler “Bug” #1 (released 26DEC2007) [Size 1,123 bytes]

Not related to Meridian-1 systems. 

ASPECT uses an Arithmetic bitshift instead of a Logical bitshift.  A Logical Bitshift is used by C and is necessary for RFC 1321.  This bit of source code extracts and explains the findings I made while converting RFC 1321 from C source to ASPECT source.

C-MD5 v1.00 (released 26DEC2007) C-MD5.ZIP [Size 16,784 bytes]

Not related to Meridian-1 systems.

ASPECT script rerived from RFC 1321, RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm.The MD5 Algorithm is intended for digital signature applications, where a large file must be “compressed” in a secure manner before being encrypted with a private (secret) key under a public-key cryptosystem such as RSA.Pursuant to RFC 1321, the MD5 Algorithm is Copyright © 1990-2, RSA Data Security, Inc. Created 1990. All rights reserved. Copyright displayed is the most current available to author/editor. Copyright may extend beyond specified date range.Script is provided as a demonstration of the power of the ASPECT scripting language and author’s command of the language.

SCR-SVR v1.00 (released 13DEC2007) SCR-SVR.ZIP [Size 1,584 bytes]

Not related to Meridian-1 systems. 

A “Matrix” style “screen saver” for Procomm. Typically I use it as the start script for Procomm. There is a STARTUP.WAX (and source STARTUP.WAS) to replace the default Procomm/Aspect/STARTUP.WAX. You might need to tweak & recompile the STARTUP.WAS to work for your environment.

Also useful in teaching Procomm users how to ensure that certain scripts always activate when Procomm is launched.

X11 BARS Script v0.99.08 (released 21SEP2008)

  ASPECT Script X11BARS (69.1 KiB, 375 hits)
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X11 Meridian-1, X21 Succession 1000ASPECT script providing for NPA/NXX automation. Intended as a demonstration of the scripting language and it’s application for simple systems (small systems & lab systems). This script is not intended to build complex electronic switched networks. Original version created in August of 2001. ZIP file includes general release documentation. Documentation last updated 04DEC2007. 

X11 Login Script v0.99 (released 01APR2002) X11LOGI.ZIP [Size 93,503 bytes]

Use one script to automatically log in to a Meridian-1 system. Works for standard serial modems and Teltronics SEB modems. Requires valid security credentials.

X11 Set Time Script v1.00 (released 02NOV2003) T-SETTIM.ZIP [Size 732 bytes]

Automatically set the time of your PBX using the time of your computer.  Source included.  Set constant _TIME_ADJUST to the delta between your current time zone and your PBX time zone.  (e.g., If you are located in the Pacific TZ, and your PBX is located in the Eastern TZ, then you set _TIME_ADJUST to 3.  However, if you are located in the Eastern TZ and your PBX is located in the Pacific TZ, then you set _TIME_ADJUST to -3.  If your PBX is located in your current TZ, then you set _TIME_ADJUST to 0.)