Error Lookup


There are more than 10,000 system messages, and when they are output, you typically only ever receive a system message code with some numeric or alphanumeric data following the system message code to provide more information about the system message code specifics. Before attempting to troubleshoot a system message, you need to determine the meaning of the system message.

Using the Error Lookup command, you can often do that without ever needing to open a book.

> ERR <code>

Note: Leading zeroes are not required when entering the numeric value of a system message. Example: DTA021 is output. In the Software Input Output Reference – System Messages guide, the system message is in the format DTA0021 (for sorting purposes), but when typed in to the SL1 interface, the preceding zeroes are not required.


Works just as well as:

> ERR DTA021

And both should output:

DTA0021 loop Frame alignment alarm persisted for 3 seconds.
Severity: Critical

In some cases (I’ve not figured out all of them, but I think it has to do with available memory), the message will not output, in which case you have to crack the books open.