IP Phone Registration Process


In this article we’re going to talk about the IP Phone registration process and link to articles which provide more detailed information about the steps within the process.

  1. Registration Procedure Overview
  2. LLDP/ADAC Overview
  3. DHCP Overview
  4. Manual Provisioning Overview
    1. Provisioning (.PRV) files
      1. System, Zone, Type examples
      2. Device examples (auto-provisioning Node & TN during bootup)
    2. Configuration (.CFG) files
      1. Firmware upgrades
      2. GEM Firmware upgrades
      3. User Keys
      4. Device configuration
      5. Images
      6. Fonts
      7. Languages
      8. Licensing
      9. Dialing Plan
  5. Registration Overview
  6. XAS Overview

As additional articles are written, we’ll link this page to those articles.