Jan 112013

In fairness, this is a CGI trailer, which means that it in no way reflects expected gameplay. However, it does embrace the Cyperpunk 2010 and 2020 mythos of the original table-top role playing games. And I think the effects and art is quite impressive. I’d give it a 5/5 in most catagories, but as far as story it gets a 3/5. The ending leaves me wondering what the heck was going on, and not in that “I want to find out” kind of way… Thankfully CD Projekt has a good reputation for story telling in their games. So I’ll trust… and keep my eyes out for more teasers.

Jan 112013

From the IGDA letter to Joe Biden

Unique Artistic Medium

As creators, working in one of the most popular new forms of art and entertainment, we recognize that video game development not only allows us to express ourselves, but the games we make allow players the chance to express themselves as well. Due to the unique nature of interactivity, video gameplay is not a passive, one-way experience, but an active experience that can be exponentially expanded in multiplayer environments. Governments should not be seeking ways to constrain this emerging medium so early in its development by scapegoating video games for societal ills. The U.S. government did irreparable damage to the comic book industry in the 1950s by using faulty research to falsely blame juvenile delinquency and illiteracy on comic books. The comic book industry never recovered in sales to this day. Censoring violent comic books did not reduce juvenile delinquency or increase literacy, it decimated the production of one of the few kinds of literature that at-risk youths read for pleasure. Censoring video games could have similar unintended consequences that we cannot currently foresee. Ironically, comic books are now used as part of the solution to illiteracy, even by the government. It may seem counter-intuitive, but video games, even violent video games, could be part of the solution here, as well.

via IGDA Offers Counsel to Biden Task Force on Gun Violence | IGDA.

via Comic Books’ Disastrous Self-Censorship Offers a Lesson for Games Publishers, Too | Kotaku

Oct 102012

Straight from the README for the latest NVIDIA drivers. Going to give this a try next week when I have more personal time.

Increasing 4-way SLI/Multi-GPU Performance


With some games and applications, you may experience little to no performance gain or
even a performance drop with 4-way SLI or multi-GPU configurations.


  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel, then click Manage 3D Settings from the navigation
  2. Click the Global Settings tab, then scroll to the Power management mode feature, click the corresponding list arrow and select Prefer maximum performance, then aclick Apply.

Oct 012012

If Edge of Space is approved by October 15, 2012 through Greenlight, Reverb Publishing will donate $5000 to the Humane Society, which will go towards providing necessary care and safety to homeless cats. However, if the game doesn’t get approval, that money will disappear, like a puff of smoke in the uncaring wind, leaving poor kitties to survive in the harsh elements, be placed in harm’s way and possibly scheduled for euthanasia. The challenge is out there, and for a simple “yes” vote on Steam’s Greenlight consumers can actively take a role in saving the lives of kitties. So, do your part, save some cats, and see a great space sandbox adventure get onto Steam’s platform. It’s a win-win!

Vote For This Game On Steam Or Its Publisher Wont Give Money To Homeless Kittens.

Cats/Kittens are a huge internet meme. I won’t even begin to try to explain it. Just go click on that KnowYourMeme link and read up if you’re not already aware of the phenomenon. While I guess I’m not surprised that the meme has extended to an advertising campaign (nor am I really that surprised by the backlash), I am surprised that the creators of this campaign thought that linking “failure to promote us on steam will result in kitten deaths” would be acceptable to the general consumer.

For my part, I put my money where my mouth would be: I donated to the humane society instead of yes-voting for the game.

When you make it a question of homeless kittens or supporting your game, the homeless kittens win every time.

Proof of donation:

My Humane Society Donation

Oct 012012

December 21, 1995. It was a Thursday – late night shopping – and the Gamesmen store in Penhurst was packed. Only four days till Christmas. Mary remembers about 40 people being in the store. Angelo Jr thinks it was closer to double that figure.

“And then three people just decided to change our lives completely,” says Mary.

“Two of them remained inside the store. Another one went out the back and, you know. That was where my husband was.”

Angelo was shot twice. He did not survive.

via 30 Years of Triumph, and Tragedy, For an Iconic Games Retailer.

A touching tail of triumph, and yes tragedy, for the family that started an iconic games retailer in Sydney.

Sep 142012

UltimateComputers.net Forum – View topic – Disable Core Parking Windows 7 Tweak may improve performance.

In short:

  • Go to Regedit
  • Find this key:- ” 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 “
  • Within this key, there is a value called: ” ValueMax “
  • This value represents the % number of cores the system will park – the default 100% ie: all Cores are potentially park-able
  • Change the value from 64 (hex; which is 100 in decimal) to 0 so the ” ValueMin ” and ” ValueMax ” are both zero
  • You will have to find the key a few times and repeat the process for each time it is found – the number of instances will depend on the number of power profiles in your system
  • Do a full shutdown and power-off and cold-re-start

I did this and one of the games I’m playing right now got a 20fps improvement: It used to fluctuate between 40-60fps, but after disabling Core Parking it went to a solid 60fps.

Jul 142012

When I sent my PC in to the manufacturers, the NVIDIA control panel worked fine. When I got it back, it didn’t work. I forgot about it for a while (no real need to access it, everything else was working), and when I checked it again it was working, but I never figured out what the cause and solution was.

Well, I installed multiple monitors yesterday and today I’m having the same problem again. After Googling around, I came across this useful article that turned out to have the solution:

  1.  Start > Control Panel > System & Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services & Applications > Services
    Start > Run > services.msc
  2. Find NVIDIA Display Driver Service.
  3. Stop service.
  4. NVIDIA Control Panel may display if you previously tried to access it. If so, close the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  5. Start the NVIDIA Display Driver Service
  6. Right-click on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel
  7. NVIDIA Control Panel will open