Mar 252014

So, it’s spring time. The clocks have changed, the flowers are blooming, allergies are acting up. We decided it was time to do some yard work and home improvement. Of course, we don’t really know what we’re doing so we got assistance.

We added some nice hanging baskets with some violets and petunias. I’m really hoping those grow like mad; I’d love to train them up and have them hanging out of the basket. We planted the rose bush (Angel face) our realtor gave us as a house warming present. (Thank you Leslie!) The mulch was all cleaned up and we topped it all off with fresh new mulch which looks absolutely amazing. All the plants were trimmed; pretty aggressively I might add. I would not have thought we could have trimmed them back as far as we did. The landscaper also did an excellent job of pulling out weeds we didn’t even recognize. We had one that was growing up inside of another bush, basically planning a take over. We did other things, replaced some hoses; got some drip irrigation (which I still need to install) for some of the stuff not currently covered by irrigation.

And, since it’s Tuesday I have to soak our new lemon tree which is the prize possession in our yard. When we got the lemon tree they advised us to soak it thoroughly once a week and then let it dry out between (do not over water it). It seems that the acidity and flavor of the lemon is improved by reduced water. It’s a Meyer lemon, which isn’t the most popular store brand but is apparently the most popular lemon tree for the area.

Of course, the allergies are acting up. Since I never had a yard before, I haven’t really suffered too much from allergies over the years, but now that I have a yard and I’m getting out into it for little things here and there, I’m really beginning to notice my allergies.


It’s just amazing watching everything grow.